A unique business model that is on the rise is friendshoring. Also known as ally-shoring, this is the practice of relocating supply chains to countries where the risk of disruption is low. The very nature of this strategy is deeply rooted in friendship, as it enables businesses to ally with countries that can help deliver the best results for any endeavor.

One such country that possesses the qualities of an ideal ally for companies is Costa Rica. A simple look at the Central American country’s inherent values and national characteristics already gives us a glimpse of how it can help businesses thrive:

A peaceful country

Costa Rica has long shown stability in more ways than one. A key testament to this is the consistent growth of its economy, pleasing not just its citizens, but potential investors as well. This helps lessen the guesswork and projection needed, offering companies better peace of mind when working in Costa Rica.

A well-guided set of leaders

The country of Costa Rica also boasts of a government that values democracy, once again cementing the country’s reputation as a reliable location with low volatility levels that can nurture a business’s ability to thrive.

A progressive nation, overall

Costa Rica has one of the best school systems in the world, and ranks high when pitted against other, even more developed nations. It also believes in providing top-notch healthcare for all, which also further improves the quality of life of its citizens. This enables them to raise a talent pool that is beyond competent, regardless of the industry. 

In a business, the ‘where’ matters just as much as the ‘how,’ and Costa Rica indeed has a lot to be proud of in the present alongside a bright outlook for the future.

As a software development company with offices based in Costa Rica, EPIC is proof that allying with a country that serves as a good ‘friend’ for your company can help yield exemplary results. EPIC’s nearshoring model has a proven track record in helping customers reach their goals through quality output at low long-term cost structures.

Ask us today about our services today to see your business blossom with the help of EPIC.