You have deadlines that need to be met. In order to get your software developed on time, you need to hire a company located in a stable country. An example of this? EPIC, located in Costa Rica. This Central American country is known for its beautiful beaches, as well as access to the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. However, it’s also known for its talented workforce as well.

Wondering what EPIC can do for you? Here’s everything you need to know about the country and why it’s a great place to go for software development.


Stability and Productivity

When you hire a company to handle your software development, you do so with a solid deadline in mind. While that deadline and its related timeline may be adjusted as the work gets underway, there’s still a need to get things done on time. This is why choosing a company in a stable country matters. If you choose to have your software designed and developed in a country that isn’t stable politically or economically, you can run into a number of hurdles. For example, work may be delayed for any number of reasons, whether it’s due to riots, warfare, or interruptions to the power grid. All of these factors can act as daily obstacles. Thankfully, you won’t find any of these issues in Costa Rica.


A Stable Government

The country of Costa Rica is known for more than its beautiful scenery and access to beaches. It’s also a country that boasts a stable, democratic government. There’s a reason why the country’s economy grows by a steady 2.5% every single year: the government has been in place since 1948 and the country provides plenty of autonomy to its citizens. In addition to autonomy, Costa Rica has a national healthcare system that’s designed to not only be part of its social safety net, but it also ensures that the country’s citizens and workers have stability to fall back on. The people of Costa Rica are healthy, happy, and well-educated, so they can get the job done.


Software Development in Costa Rica

So, why choose EPIC, based in Costa Rica, for all your company’s software development needs? We’ll keep it simple. The stable government, growing economy, and well-educated workers are three good reasons why you should reach out and have EPIC create your business’ programming for you.

But we saved the best for last. Our skilled workforce is another considerable factor. We can handle everything from Open-Source Software Development to Database Infrastructure  and more.

To learn more about how EPIC can boost your software development capabilities, contact us today.