It’s no secret that when you’re looking to save your company time and money, you’ve probably entertained the idea of outsourcing your software development. Given the numerous options available, how do you know where in the world to start looking? You’ve most likely heard that using the standard offshore model outsourcing to Asia can be somewhat daunting, even for larger companies with unlimited resources. So, you’d rather find somewhere closer to the United States, but where? Look no further than Costa Rica!

The Country

Easily accessible to companies in the United States because of its close proximity and time zone, Costa Rica’s highly qualified developers can help you reach your goals with high levels of productivity and efficiency. The country runs on Central and Mountain time, meaning that you don’t have to worry about scheduling meetings in the middle of the night or in wee hours of the morning. Plus, Costa Rica is surprisingly close to some major cities in the United States, so in-person meetings are possible if necessary — unlike many other outsourcing options.

Additionally, Costa Rica has flexible labor laws, meaning that employees can adjust their schedules to accommodate U.S. holidays as well as the demands of businesses that “never sleep.” As a country, Costa Rica has created free trade zones and implemented tax reductions to encourage companies to outsource development there. This equates to extra bonuses for you on top of increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, without sacrificing the talent or quality of the workforce.

Their capital city San Jose and other major cities in the country have solid infrastructure with fiber optic cables providing quick, secure Internet connections. Thus, Costa Rica is an ideal location for nearshoring, especially for companies utilizing cloud-based services.

The People

Like the United States, Costa Rica is a democracy, with a population that boasts a 96% literacy rate. Workers also have access to the country’s national healthcare system, so they are well taken care of in regard to health and wellness. Both the political and economic climate in the country are stable, with slow, steady growth every year, so you can put your trust in them without the worry of political instability.

Costa Rica also touts a top-notch educational system for their inhabitants, with a broad range of technological options to focus on while studying at a college or university. More and more students graduate every year with degrees in software engineering and similar fields, which means their people are more than adequately prepared to help you complete crucial projects.

The Conclusion

At EPIC, we understand many factors come into play when choosing where to outsource your software development. There can be language and cultural barriers that hinder performance if you choose a country you’re completely unfamiliar with and is too far away, which is why nearshoring is such a great alternative. Costa Rica is close enough to the United States that you can visit on a regular basis. And many of its residents already speak English, in addition to their highly educated workforce and stable democracy. The country is currently working on making English learning a priority; therefore, in the years to come, the available workforce with English skills will only expand.

If you’re ready to reap the strategic benefits of nearshoring in Costa Rica, get in touch with our EPIC team for more information about the services we provide and how we can help solve your business challenges with our solid technological solutions.