We know when you’re looking to outsource software development, saving time and money to get projects delivered quickly and completely is key. You can achieve such goals by looking to Costa Rica to hire top-notch nearshore developers. Costa Rica not only boasts high rates in technology education — it is also easily accessible from the United States thanks to its location and time zone.

Below, we share with you a few benefits of near-shoring in Costa Rica.

Business Climate

Costa Rica is a business-friendly nation backed by a strong democracy that has not seen an army since 1948. Job seekers are provided a safety net by the country’s national healthcare system. With an average economic growth rate of about 2.5% every year, the stability of Costa Rica’s economic and political environment promises you security and confidence in outsourcing here.

Talented Workforce

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2016-2017, Costa Rica education is ranked in the top 35 of the world. The national university system of Costa Rica offers broad access to technology education. With programs ranging from software engineering and development to computer informatics, an increasing number of students are enrolling in and graduating from such programs equipped with the agile skills to complete the projects you need.

Time Zone

Costa Rica runs on Central Standard Time (CST), and Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) during Daylight Savings time. This means meetings are guaranteed to be scheduled conveniently within a standard business day for your teams across the U.S. and Costa Rica.


Located in northern Latin America, Costa Rica is as close as 3 hours from major U.S. cities, making the in-person team visits you desire possible.

Other facts about Costa Rica include:

  • Capital: San José
  • Area: 19,729 square miles
  • Population: 4.89 million
  • Literacy rate: 96%
  • 59% urban, 39% rural
  • Climate: tropical

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