Location, location, location – this old adage is applicable for many things, but most especially when it comes to running a business. This is a crucial consideration when you have customers that depend on the continuity and reliability of your operations to meet their goals. 

This is where businesses can leverage friendshoring. Also known as ally-shoring, it is similar to the concept of nearshoring. However, instead of having proximity as the main consideration when outsourcing, friendshoring focuses instead on the movement of outsourcing to countries with shared values in hopes of creating a more resilient supply chain that can offer long-term security.

When choosing where to set up a business for friendshoring, some of the key considerations should include the country’s economic and political stability, quality of the talent pool, and even its time zone relative to the United States.

Here are some reasons why Costa Rica is a country that ticks all these boxes and more, and why this country should be on top of your list for friendshoring:

Stability economic and political landscape

Costa Rica is an emerging market that is ripe with possibilities. There is huge potential for growth, thanks to the steady 2.5% growth of its economy every year.  Coupled with its stable government that is proud of its long-standing democracy, Costa Rica offers an progressive environment where business can thrive.

Well-rounded and talented workforce

The country also boasts of a top-notch educational and healthcare system that caters to its citizens well, helping produce a high caliber talent pool that employers all over the world can depend on. 

Ease of communication

Costa Rica’s geographical proximity to the United States is another boon, as it operates in a time zone that is close to the US, which can aid in communication between employees and clients collaborating on different projects.

When it comes to choosing a partner that can help grow your business, go for companies that understand how to harness the benefits of friendshoring in order to achieve the best results while being mindful of costs. 

EPIC is a software development company with a time-tested team of talented developers based in Costa Rica that does just that, with a nearshoring model that boasts of a solid track record in helping provide customers with long-term strategic planning and execution at reduced costs. 

Reach out to us today to see how EPIC can take your software development projects to new heights.