Need help growing your Quality Assurance team?

Quality matters. EPIC has the experience and capabilities to accelerate your software development lifecycle and deliver meticulous Quality Assurance services that help you meet your launch dates on time, and on budget.

Quality Assurance for EPIC Project Success.

Quality Assurance is a strategic process in the software development lifecycle. Why wait until the end of a project to involve the QA Team? By involving Quality Assurance experts early in the development cycle, EPIC can help you create test plans, deliver higher quality software, and preempt bugs through forward-looking requirements planning.

EPIC delivers flexible QA services tailored to your needs.

With our decades of expertise in software engineering, test processes, and tool selection, you can rest assured that the latest technologies and industry best practices are used to test your software – allowing you to release with confidence.

Quality Assurance Services
QA Consulting, Documentation, Automation, Manual Testing
Test Automation

  • Custom test script design and development based on the project’s goals, technologies and infrastructure
  • Selenium, JMeter, Cypress, Pytest
Test Suites
Smoke, Sanity, Functional, Partial Regression, and Full Regression

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