Global Audit, Tax and Advisory Corporation

With a robust technology consultancy practice running captive and outsourced development center for IT, Business Process and Software Development Outsourcing, EPIC was chosen for its flexibility, agility and proximity to US based clients and has grown into a trusted adviser for financial applications.

The Client

Global Audit, Tax and Advisory Corporation with a robust technology consultancy having captive and outsourced development centers located around the globe for IT, Business Process and Software Development Outsourcing.  


The global outsourcing industry for software development and services is a large and fragmented. There are literally thousands of service providers varying by levels of maturity, size and specialization. Most developing country from Costa Rica to Pakistan, Vietnam and Philippines have been attempting to attract business from western economies. Competition is fierce. The industry has been maturing for 20+ years. Vendor choice is driven by scalability, flexibility and availability of educated professionals.


In many outsourcing destinations employee turnover is an issue that plagues relationships.  Domain knowledge is a premium characteristic of any strategic engagement, and retention of knowledgeable resources is a vital component to sustaining a competitive advantage. If the work being performed isn’t cutting edge technology and industry, the best resources leave for pastures believed to be in the long-term best interest of the technologist.  Retention is a challenge for captive centers and large engagements. Collaboration during the business day has also become a desire for firms as South and Latin American destinations have proven capable of delivering qualified talent and scaling operations.


Global Audit, Tax and Advisory Corporation chose EPIC for flexibility in resource procurement, employee loyalty and retention and technology expertise.  With near-shore facilities in the Central American, Eastern European and Pacific Rim theaters, EPIC can respond quickly to changing regional resource needs.

Platform / Technologies

  • C#
  • .NET
  • 4.5 RDC/Citrix
  • Secure VPN
  • SQL Server 2014    
  • InRule Business Logic Tools
  • JIRA Issue Tracking & Agile Board


EPIC is executing three Financial Services engagements, Brokerage for an Online Brokerage concern, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities for Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) and Risk Management Analysis for Banking Institution.   The Development methodology is Agile/SCRUM. EPIC creates all sprint plans with a two-week delivery cycle. EPIC supplies a dedicated team of 10 technologists to support their growing need.

The Global Tax and Advisory Corporation retains some key functions such as product management, system administration and business analysis.

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