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Epic Software Development - Our Founding

Our Founding

John Matlosz founded EPIC Software Development in 2013 when he saw an industry in need of a longer-term approach to software development. John had over 30 years experience when he founded EPIC and he became frustrated with the commoditization of the offshoring model which reduced short-term, hourly costs at the expense of the long-term value of the project. He would spend countless hours trying to communicate complex business goals which never seemed to resonate with the offshore development teams.

Think Ahead

This dynamic set the stage for a much longer development cycle with little thought into how the coding practices would affect their ability to enhance, change or upgrade the technology in the future. The initial, low hourly rate was being multiplied by several factors when compared to an experienced developer who could “Think Ahead”.

epic software solutions - think ahead
epic software development - Nearshoring Model

Nearshoring Model

This is when John developed EPICs’ Nearshoring model where he could manage the projects locally, hire his own team of offshore developers, train them to “Think Ahead” and deliver a project at a lower rate than an in-house team with the clients long-term interests in mind. John’s philosophy and methodology for software development has always been to spend every client dollar like it was his own which is why he spends so much time understanding the clients’ business objectives first before planning, hiring or writing any code.

Continued Success

Since founding EPIC John has built a following of customers who have stayed with him an average of over 7 years and has delivered solutions for organizations such as KPMG, Grant Thornton, Standard & Poor’s, The U.S. Tennis Association, Videology, MediaSpace Solutions, Baxter Healthcare, Archi-Tech Systems, EngageMyHealth, General Motors, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, BMW and more. His direct and transparent communication with clients, even when the message is difficult has built trust, respect and loyalty from them. EPIC now employs 100 professionals in the US, Costa Rica and Europe.

epic software development - Continued Success

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