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Learn how EPIC’s custom software development services will reduce costs and increase the long-term value of your projects.

EPIC Success

EPIC Software Development was founded with a mission to deliver better value for clients who have long-term vision for their applications. Our culture encourages staff members to ask questions, communicate in a direct and transparent manner and Think Ahead to provide the highest long-term value of our clients projects.

Our Nearshoring solutions development model combines highly experienced, local project managers with a team of offshore software engineers in the same time zone who have decades of combined experience. It’s this mix of lower cost, sustainable talent, proper planning, and proven process which delivers exceptional results and is why our clients stay with us for so long.

Image of nearshoring project managers with Epic Software Development

Before we are able look into the future, we must first analyze outcomes from our past.

The EPIC culture encourages a straight-forward approach to communication – we tell it like it is. No sugar coating, no avoiding clear and honest discussions of both successes and failures. Lack of planning, poor communication, and inflexibility drive projects into the ground. We think ahead to ensure smooth sailing through planning, process, and delivery. It’s this methodology combined with our nearshoring model which consistently delivers the best return on investment for our clients.

What is Nearshoring?

With so many organizations chasing an increasingly smaller local talent pool, many are looking outside of their geographic region to attract and retain top talent. Offshore talent acquisition can offer reduced costs and more stable workforces, but a lack of communication and broader strategic skills often times increase the long-term costs of the project. Nearshoring leverages an offshore talent pool working in the same time zone and combines it with local project managers who streamline the communication and helps with longer-term strategic planning. And our Global Project Management (PMO) office gives you access to mature, experienced managers who carefully plan, document, and communicate combined with the low-cost infrastructure of offshoring.


Our Talent Approach

Hiring the right people helps drive our company culture and deliver long-term value for our clients. We recruit and retain the best talent through a thorough, time-tested process.

Years Average Employee Experience


Staff Retention Rate


Client Retention Rate

EPIC Capabilities

Our highly experienced team of software developers have completed thousands of successful projects over several decades. They have seen the rise and fall of many promising technologies, have developed applications which dramatically surpassed expectations and continue to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the development world.

It’s these experiences which shape our ability to think ahead and deliver more long-term value for our clients’ projects. We know what is likely to succeed or fail through our shared experiences.

Mobile Development

EPIC has developed mobile applications for both B2B and B2C audiences. We utilize the latest frameworks and accelerators to expedite mobile development and ensure our applications work on multiple platforms.


Our team of Java and Open Source software specialists goes beyond traditional app development – we have developed innovative software such as 3D web apps and dynamic dashboards for today’s leading edge enterprises.

Open Source Development

EPIC’s experts get the job done with our expertise in full stack development, including open source. We can help you design and architect solutions that run smoothly across all platforms.

Database Infrastructure

EPIC’s experienced architects, developers and DBAs will help you design and maintain your database, and optimize performance.

Nearshoring capabilities with Epic

Microsoft Development

As a Microsoft Certified Development Partner, we are experts in the entire Microsoft application development stack with over 40 engagements in the past two years.

software development capabilities

Cloud Infrastructure

We are experienced at building cloud-based technologies effectively, for application development and infrastructure management, in both SaaS and enterprise applications.

EPIC Solutions

The most common issues with developing software have not changed much over the years. Poor planning, lack of communication around primary business objectives, avoidance of coding best practices, new technology adaptation or security lapses all require planning, process and a culture which embraces thinking ahead to overcome them.

It’s this methodology when combined with our low-priced nearshoring model which consistently delivers the lowest long-term cost structures and best possible outcomes for clients.


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Our US-based project coordinators invest their time in understanding your business, tailoring our process to the unique needs of each client. We’ll build a roadmap that suits your existing infrastructure and development style through our detailed environment analysis and onboarding process.

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Our Clients

EPIC has developed a portfolio of clients who have stayed with us for years – more than 7 years on average – thanks to our direct and transparent communication, which enables us to build trust, respect, and loyalty. 

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