What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring can offer lower long-term costs to strictly offshoring with the quality one would expect from hiring an in-house team. It mixes the low-cost infrastructure of offshoring with local project managers who plan, document and communicate directly with clients. It’s how we can deliver a boutique experience at such a low price point.

nearshore software development
nearshore software development

Nearshoring Process

If you value transparency, working in the same time zone and communicating with people of the same native language and culture then nearshoring is the lowest cost alternative to your inhouse team. You gain access to a much larger pool of international talent while maintaining that local support and communication.

Using our nearshoring process, our local support team will carefully plan and document the project’s goals prior to handing off individual development tasks, which eliminates wasted time and resources throughout the development process. We follow Agile best practices to seamlessly integrate into your existing team structure to give you a similar feel to an in-house team.

4 Benefits of Nearshoring in Costa Rica

We know that when you outsource software development it is critically important to save time and money, while getting projects delivered quickly and with high quality. You can achieve these goals by looking to Costa Rica to hire top-notch developers. 

nearshore software development

Business Climate

Costa Rica is a business-friendly nation noted for a stable democracy. With an above average economic growth rate, Costa Rica’s economic and political environment brings you security and confidence in outsourcing here.  Costa Rica has an excellent higher education system.  And employees are provided a safety net by the country’s healthcare system. This translates into reduced turnover and higher productivity.

Talented Workforce

According to the World Economic Forum’s recent Global Competitiveness Report, Costa Rica’s education is ranked in the top 35 worldwide. Its national university system offers broad access to technology education. With programs ranging from software to computer informatics, an increasing number of students are equipped with the necessary skills to complete the most demanding projects.  

nearshore software development
nearshore software development

Time Zone

Our teams of developers and testers are available for the full US working day. Costa Rica runs on Central Standard Time (CST), and Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) during Daylight Savings time. This means that meetings are guaranteed to be scheduled at convenient times for your teams across the USA.


Located in Central America, Costa Rica is as close as 3 hours from major USA cities, making in-person team visits practical and affordable.

nearshore software development

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