Need help solving your open source development engineering challenges?

With depth in full stack development across the major open source frameworks, we can serve as a technical advisor to you, with the experience to deliver your solution on time and on budget.

Open Source Development

Working on a new MVP? From cloud-based applications and enterprise software, to web and mobile apps, EPIC’s experts get the job done with our expertise in full stack development. For new applications, we will work with your team to prototype and validate the UX, document the application workflow and business rules, and design the system and architecture. Our experience developers have comprehensive expertise across the front and back-end, API and databases. Our systems integration experts will simplify and speed up the introduction of new services and technologies.

Open Source Expertise

With a myriad of open source technologies available today, many companies take advantage of the minimal licensing cost of these technologies, yet struggle finding experienced, quality resources who can execute and maintain them. With EPIC’s proven experience in open source software development, we have a dedicated, stable team who can guarantee your success.

Languages: JavaScript, Python, Java

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX/Comet/WebSockets, Django, .NET Core

Libraries: Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, Svelte

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Knockout.js, Backbone.js, ExtJS, Node.js

Client-side optimization

DevOps: Google Cloud Build, AWS CodePipeline/Elastic Beanstalk, TeamCity,  Bitbucket Pipelines, Octopus Deploy, Jenkins, Nagios

Test Automation: Selenium, JMeter

Visualization/Charting: D3.js, DC.js, C3.js

open source & mobile development engineering

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Our US-based project coordinators invest their time in understanding your business, tailoring our process to the unique needs of each client. We’ll build a roadmap that suits your existing infrastructure and development style through our detailed environment analysis and onboarding process.

The Importance of Team Training Plans

The Importance of Team Training Plans

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Win the Scrum with Your Agile Moves

Win the Scrum with Your Agile Moves

Anyone who has ever worked on a software development project can tell you that cooperation among team members and their managers is the best way to facilitate project success. By collaborating, everyone has a mutually agreed upon set of actionable next steps and knows...

The Benefits of Nearshoring to Costa Rica

The Benefits of Nearshoring to Costa Rica

It’s no secret that when you’re looking to save your company time and money, you’ve probably entertained the idea of outsourcing your software development. Given the numerous options available, how do you know where in the world to start looking? You’ve most likely...

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