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If you are working with Java, EPIC has software engineers to support you from architectural design through deployment. Our experience allows us to efficiently understand the foundation of your infrastructure and tools, while providing you with access to a broad range of Java frameworks.


Our team of Java and Open Source software specialists goes beyond traditional app development – we have developed innovative software such as 3D web apps and dynamic dashboards for today’s leading edge enterprises.

Servers/Servlet Containers: Tomcat, Jetty

Web Frameworks: Spring, Grails, Play Framework

SOA and Integration services: RESTful, Jersey, JSON-API, SOAP

Persistence Frameworks: JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, JOOQ, MyBatis

Integration: Talend

Java engineering

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Our US-based project coordinators invest their time in understanding your business, tailoring our process to the unique needs of each client. We’ll build a roadmap that suits your existing infrastructure and development style through our detailed environment analysis and onboarding process.

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