Our Talent Approach

Hiring the right people on the front end drives our company culture and provides long-term value to our clients. This culture attracts people with matching attitudes and 98% of them stay with us because they enjoy showing up on Monday mornings.

epic software development - our talent approach

Reliability, consistency and ultimately long-term value

Attaining a 2% turnover rate is not easy and requires an extensive hiring process to be sure new hires fit our culture and respective client teams. The reason our clients stay with EPIC for an average of 7 years is the quality of the talent we are able to attract and retain. It provides reliability, consistency and ultimately long-term value.

Years Average Employee Experience


Average Annual Staff Turnover

Years Average Client Relationship

The EPIC Process

1. Recruit the best

  • Calibrate candidate requirements with clients
  • Screen for experience, skills, and English fluency
  • Technology and behavioral assessments

2. Verify Candidates

  • Conduct background and reference checks 
  • Invite clients to interview new candidates 
  • Comply with local laws and labor regulation to assure transparency for your business

3. Train & Retain

  • Provide continuous training, including security awareness 
  • English classes and individualized tutoring 
  • Managers conduct one-on-ones 
  • Competitive benefits
epic software development - our talent approach
  • Our pre-screening interviews are based on a proven behavioral approach: Situation-Task Action-Result (STAR).


  • We conduct a technical process assessment and selection of suitable candidates through the validation of previous experience, coordinating technical interviews with subject matter experts and the application of tests.


  • EPIC complies with all relevant Costa Rican labor laws and regulations.
  • English proficiency exam: created by a native speaker and English Instructor, this test gives a clear view of each candidate’s communication skills.


  • We check references of pre-validated candidates to assure they are well recommended by other professionals, guaranteeing accurate hires.


  • EPIC stays up-to-date in identifying and sourcing, using strategies such as Boolean search, social media, job boards and tools such as LinkedIn.
epic software development - our talent approach