What sets us apart is our culture, process and  philosophy of thinking ahead

software development - what sets us apart

Before we are able look into the future, we must first analyze outcomes from our past

The EPIC culture encourages a straight-forward approach to communication. We reward team members for openly and honestly reporting mistakes, defects or oversights in order to get an accurate picture of both success and failure. We have the confidence to “tell it like it is” and it’s this trust in our data which allows us to take actionable steps toward increasing the value of future projects.

Process is only as good as the experiences of the people who write it

Our highly experienced engineers have completed thousands of projects over several decades. They have seen the rise and fall of many promising technologies, have developed applications which dramatically surpassed expectations and others that have failed miserably. It’s these experiences which shape our team’s ability to think ahead and deliver more long-term value for our clients’ projects. We know what is likely to succeed or fail through our shared experiences.

software development - what sets us apart
software development - what sets us apart

Think Ahead

The most common issues with developing software have not changed much over the years. Poor planning, lack of communication around primary business objectives, avoidance of coding best practices, new technology adaptation or security lapses all require planning, process and a culture which embraces thinking ahead to overcome them.

It’s this methodology when combined with our nearshoring low-price model which consistently delivers the lowest long-term cost structures and best possible outcomes for clients.

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